Belle.  Bath.  And Beyond.

Why BBB?

Belle is my name. It’s a name I really disliked growing up, but have grown to love especially when I started REALLY liking beauty products.  So expect to see read a lot of beauty-related stuff like cosmetics and a bit of fashion.

Bath. I spend most of my time in a tropical country and people here can forget about anything and everything except taking a bath! I love bath products. I recently got into more organic and natural bath and beauty products and I’m loving it!

Beyond. Well, this is actually my excuse to write about other stuff I love.  Like my efforts to being more eco-conscious in such a consumerist world.  Products for a cause.  And world peace. You get the drift.

And Lacquer.  How could I forget lacquer?  I love nail polish – it’s such an easy and (relatively) cheap way to express yourself and spice up an outfit. Where I live, it’s quite difficult to buy clothes that are tasteful and colorful at the same time. With the millions of nail polish colors out there, I can just buy classic pieces in basic colors and not worry about looking plain at all!

Hope you enjoy the ride with me.  Till my first official post!


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